Spring Street Bar & Grill
Overall Rating
300 South Spring St.
Louisville, KY 40206
Mon-Thurs 11am - 2am
Fri-Sat 11am - 4am
Sunday 1pm - 2am


    Through word of mouth I've often heard about the quality of their food, especially their wings and burgers.   After overhearing several conversations about this great establishment, we decided to check things out for ourselves.

    Spring Street Bar & Grill is your typical small bar.  The restaurant has almost a "cowboy" feel from the decor and even features two bar stools with saddles on them.  The bar is a pretty good size and has tall tables, sitting tables and even a back room for when things get busy.  I believe there are even pool tables in the back room as well.

    We went during a UK game, so drinks were on special, so we decided to get a bucket of Bud Lights, which only set us back $10.  They also had $2.75 screwdrivers at the time (Saturday).  We ordered a sampler and an order of wings.  Their wings only come in regular, which means hot, and mild.  We got hot for both.

Wing Size

Wing Flavor

Wing Cost

Wing Cooking

Flavor Choices

Drink Cost





45 cent Wings (Dine in)


$2.50-$2.75 imports (limited)


$2.75 Mexican imports & Margaritas


$3.75 Makers Mark


$4.00 Long Islands


$2.75 Screwdrivers and Wine


$2.50 Bloody Marys


    The wings came out quite quickly, were quite large and cooked perfectly, not too crispy but not undercooked.   The amount of sauce on the wings was just right, especially considering how hot they were.  As you can see from the pictures they also came with celery and blue cheese without asking.  The drinks were cheap and their drink specials looked pretty good as well.  The bar itself was clean and the staff was extremely friendly provided great service.

    You may want to try the mild wings as the standard buffalo are quite hot.  Also, while they are labeled as buffalo wings, the sauce is basically a hot sauce, not a traditional buffalo sauce made famous by the Anchor Bar (hot sauce and butter).  Overall I would come back.  The lack of flavor choices though, is a little disparaging considering how good the wings are.  

    I would definitely suggest coming during the wing night (dine in only) as the everyday price point of the wings isn't very good though.  The price breaks down to 87 cents @ 10, 79 cents @ 20 and 65 cents @ 50.  

Court's Corner - Not Too Hot!

    I was the one who ordered the platter so I tried a wing before trying the other stuff on the platter.   I ended up having a couple wings, but the level of heat kept multiplying and eventually became really hot.   The smoked salmon also looked and smelled delicious and was two huge pieces.

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