Wings! Wings! Wings!

    I guess growing up a hour from Buffalo is the reason I've been used to eating wings since I was little.  Wings are a staple food in my hometown, with yearly competitions for restaurants to showcase their best wings.  Almost every bar, social club and restaurant around town has wings.  Not only can you find wings pretty much anywhere, but they are damn good.   One of the most unique things about wings from my hometown isn't the size or cost, but the variety of sauces.   Some establishments list over one hundred different sauces, not to mention the fact they'll throw whatever you can think of on the wings as well.

    Being new to the area, my girlfriend and I have found and still find it really hard to find good wings.  We've tried a few different places, and found some good wings (and some really bad ones), but we're still searching.  I've started this website to help inform fellow wing fans and hopefully to get some good suggestions, from you the readers, as to some new places to try.